Grand Annual Appeal Update

April 30, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

When I wrote to you last fall, asking for your financial support for our Grand Annual Appeal, you responded generously. I asked for your help to meet our goals of $120,000 for each parish. These amounts were set to provide $75,000 per parish to pay for those operational expenses not covered by the weekly offertory collections, and to support capital and maintenance projects, including the installation of an air conditioning system in each church.

To date, our 2016 Grand Annual Appeal contributions total $54,785 for Immaculate Conception and $76,675 for Saint Jerome. While these amounts represent a substantial increase over our 2015 Grand Annual contributions, they fall short of our goals. The $76,675 figure for Saint Jerome means that our operating expenses will be covered, while the $54,785 for Immaculate Conception leaves a $20,000 operational shortfall. Unfortunately, neither parish raised enough funds to support the installation of an air conditioning system this year.

I recognize that this may be disappointing news to parishioners who were looking forward to year-round climate control in our churches. As your pastor, however, it is my responsibility to look after the financial well-being of our parishes, in consultation with our Collaborative Finance Council. After review and discussion over several meetings, the Finance Council and I have reached the unanimous decision that our operational expenses must come first.

As you are aware, the finances of each parish in our Collaborative are separate. This means that each parish must meet its own operating expenses and raise funds for any improvements, independently of the other parish. In addition, the installation of air conditioning is being considered on a per parish basis. If sufficient funds were raised to move ahead with the air conditioning project in one parish, the project could proceed, independently of the other parish.

Again, thank you for your support of your parish, both in the Grand Annual Appeal and through the weekly offertory. If you have not yet made a contribution to the Grand Annual Appeal, it would be gratefully received at the parish office or through online giving.

Bishop Dooher, Pastor



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